Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Overactive immune system strikes again

I discovered today that I may be developing another food allergy. I had some pineapple and ended up itchy and feeling like someone was pressing on my chest. It was interesting in that my mouth and throat didn't get raw and irritated like they do with tree nuts. It seems like the only thread that runs through my allergies is the hives and itching. Thankfully the Benadryl took care of most of it, but I'm tired and zoned out now. I suppose I need to take more Benadryl at bedtime. I guess the the good thing is pineapple is not one of the things I tend to eat a lot of, but now I need to be careful about unexpected exposures to it too.

In other news I'm taking jewelry in to work on Friday for people to look at, I'm hoping we get some more sales. I got another silver bracelet done last night, I'm hoping the rest of my beads and clasps come in tomorrow so I can do some more before Friday.

Also, for any of my readers (if there are any) that might be interested, there are updates on the satchel in my project blog. Pictures too.

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