Friday, March 17, 2006

Near crisis avoided, among other things

I took this afternoon off. In part it was to do some laundry because E is leaving on a business trip tomorrow and seems to think he need to have clean clothes for that. The rest was that I wanted to get to my drivers license renewed. I had gotten the application in the mail, filled it out and taken in with me. The examiner looked it all over, entered the information into the computer and then asked me me if I had the medical form from my doctor. I said no, the letter that came with everything said that you didn't need it unless you had a specific restriction on your license. Since I didn't have that restriction I didn't get it filled out and it would be really hard to get in to see my family doctor before the end of the month. The examiner double checked my license, saw that I was right about the restrictions, and made a phone call and got it fixed. Apparently I had the restriction at one time and it was taken off one place and not another which caused the problem. The only thing that I could come up with is that it was on there from when I renewed my license in college when I was being treated for depression and they were sure if the medications would be a problem or not. At some point, either when I got a new license after moving here, or when I had to get a new one after I got married, someone in the license office must have taken the restriction off. at any rate, everyone was nice, it all got taken care of and it's all OK. The nice part was that I remained calm and let things work out without panicking. I was very happy about that.

Some more people at work seem to be interested in my jewelry so we may have a few more sales there. They were really interested in the design of my Thor's hammer bracelet, it being all silver and the toggle clasp, so I'm going to try and make a few that are all silver. I was going to order the materials for the bracelet I was doing for the Fire Mountain Gems competition anyway, so I just added onto that order. I'm paying for the materials myself for them myself since it's an experiment and I don't want to ding the business for something that doesn't work out. I'm hoping that it will work out though.

Bleh. I know I should really work on something, either the bag or jewelry, but I just can't get myself interested in it. I'm not sure why either, I was feeling really energetic a little bit ago and now I'm all blah. Not much else to talk about really. There seems to be something ugly going on at work, but we haven't been told anything concrete at all. All I have at this point are some guesses that a co-worker and I have made and we really went off on a few weird directions so it's not work posting. I don't want someone to think I need a tinfoil beanie. I also don't want to find out I'm wrong and have maligned someone either. I may not use names here, but I would still feel really bad about that.

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