Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm not dead yet

Nope, I haven't forgotten about this blog yet, although having the projects blog showed me how much of my writing here had to do with the stuff I was working on. Not too much else is going on here. E made it back from his trip OK. The big news is that he won a Blackberry while he was gone, which I'm a bit jealous of. Otherwise it sounds like he learned a lot and had some fun.

I'm still recovering a bit from the snow shoveling fiasco on Monday. I've gotten to the point where my left ankle isn't any more sore than it usually is, although it is still stiffening up a bit more than normal when I'm sitting down. My wrists and hands are still fluctuating between feeling fine and being stiff and sore. I'm hoping for feeling fine tomorrow since I'm going to try to work on sewing the bag then.

We got as much official word as I think we'll got on the situation I mentioned from work. The person in question decided to resign rather than get fired and it had something to do with using their work computer for far too much non-work stuff. It almost sounds like they were gambling and maybe shopping online or going to 'get stuff for free' sites based on the way my supervisor explained things. It means that the guesses that I had made with another co-worker were completely wrong so it was a good thing I didn't write about them. It does make me slightly paranoid about my computer use at work since I do tend to talk with E over email throughout the day and like to take a break by going out on the internet and reading stuff. I guess time will tell on all of that.

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