Sunday, March 12, 2006

End of a busy weekend

It's been a busy weekend. Got all the laundry done, got more of my desk organized, paid the last few bills for the month, worked on jewelry a bit, made the wood stylus, marked off the bag so I can start tooling and got the tooling patterns copied onto the tracing film. I also decided after reading the Waterer article on the book satchels that since each of the existent satchels have a different style of side gusset that I am going to do the type of gusset I normally do and just sew the seams so that they are inside the bag. I've gotten curved needles, a curved awl blade and a new awl haft. Big bonuses are that the awl haft fits the small diamond awl blade that I got several years ago and it fits a lot better in my hand. I'm hoping to at least get the design for the back engraved into the leather tomorrow night.

My right index finger still hurts but now my wrist and thumb do too, probably from the tracing. It funny, my hands hurting bothers me a lot less when I've gotten stuff done. I think it's just frustration with them aching for no good reason. I guess I should get used to that though.

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