Thursday, February 09, 2006

Watching birds, the MacGuyver factor

As I mentioned yesterday I'm on my own for a few days because my spice are away at the funeral for my co-wife's great-grandmother. (E is there as a buffer for her, her family is a bit quirky and her mother is nuts.) This means that I have been watching the birds and it was going well until last night. Tina has figured out how to get her head through the bars and managed to get stuck that way. Three times. This concerned me slightly because they were going to be sleeping up stairs in the same cage and I didn't want her to get stuck and have a cat get interested and. . . you get the idea. Staying up all night to guard the birds did not appeal to me at all so I had to come up with another solution. So, utilizing six cardboard flats from cases of soda and some packing tape I came up with a temporary barrier for the corner of the cage that the cats can get to. I'm incredibly impressed with myself, although with more time and a bit more tooling leather in the house I could've made something more permanent. (And probably a bit prettier.)

I feel like I should have some skill, maybe jury-rig, that has gone up suddenly.

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