Sunday, February 26, 2006

Religious symbols and making jewelry

I have a plan for a bracelet for myself that incorporates a Thor's hammer since I've had a hard time wearing the one I have. (If I wear anything else that runs across the back of my neck I either end up with a rash where the chain rubs or it all get tangled in my hair.) Unfortunately, the hammer I have, while small, is a bit too big for the design I had in mind so I just spent several hours trying to find the right one to use. I ran into some interesting problems. The first is that it is damn hard to find small hammer pendants that have a simple design. The second problem is that it is hard to find inexpensive ones. I can find nice, inexpensive symbols for several other religions but not for my own. If I ever end up making one with a hammer for someone it's going to be an expensive piece, although I now know it would be relatively easy to get an appropriate charm for someone of a different religion. I guess with the hammer purchased I need to order the beads as well so I can get the bracelet made.

Once the birds are back in their cage I'll hit E up to help me finish cutting out the main part of the satchel. Then I'll need to sort out how I'll be doing the gussets and then work out the decoration. I may just cheat on the latter part and use something that has already been designed, but I'll wait until everything is cut out before I decide on that. Once I start on the tooling I may take pictures of the whole process and start putting them up here.

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