Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quiet morning

The other humans in the house are still asleep. E has been having problems with insomnia this week so it's good that he's still asleep. A was up late herself getting stuff put away after a shopping expedition to get food for the birds. I rather like being the first person up like this. The house is quiet beyond the normal animal noises, and even the birds are pretty quiet right now, and it's a good time to get caught up on email and posting here. It's also a good joint day so I'm sitting here enjoying the fact that my feet don't hurt at all and my hands and wrists are at their usual normal level of achiness. It's so nice to be at that point without having to take anything beyond my normal medications. Hopefully I can translate that into getting stuff done today.

Last night we went on a shopping expedition. Birds are much more sensitive to things like pesticides so you have to go with organic produce to supplement their diet. Unfortunately there isn't a huge amount of selection in organic produce in the stores here so we have to drive to the next largest city and go to Whole Foods Market. It was a fun trip, although I think it would've been more fun if we hadn't all been hungry. It got a bit rushed so we could go eat. I had the most fun in the spice aisle. They carried the big tins of Hungarian paprika (only sweet and hot though), long pepper (which is a spice that shows up in medieval recipes and can be hard to find) and premade vanilla sugar. I only grabbed a tin of paprika, but it's good to know about the rest if I need them. They also carry Hagenbutter (rosehip preserves, very similar to apple butter) so I had to get a jar of that as well. I'm hoping the next trip can be a bit more leisurely because I would've like to have seen what they carried for personal care items. I'm always looking for new lotions, and things like that to try out.

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