Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not a winner

We didn't win, but it was a bit fun wishing. I figure it's like our gambling trips, I do it for fun and I'm not doing it with money we need for something else so it isn't a big deal.

Haven't gotten much done today. Slept in later than I had planned on and I've only gotten a couple of loads of laundry done. E didn't get a chance to help me cut leather pieces out before they for bowling because my sister, brother-in-law and niece stopped by to drop off a computer they had gotten for E to look over. My sister works at a dental office and they are moving to a new location and decided to get new computer equipment, so they sold the old computers to their staff. So, for $100 my sister was able to pick up a nice computer that is only a few years old and should do really well for them. My niece, who is three, got to spend some time chasing our cats around and got to see the birds. My sister said she was telling everyone yesterday that parrots are 'truffical' birds.

Not sure what I'll do with the rest of the day. There's a computer taking up a lot of the space on the table so it would be hard to sew, and I don't want to try to cut more of the satchel out until I have help. I might work on some jewelry. I got some new beads and it would be fun to work with them. Plus I think I have an idea for a bracelet for myself incorporating a small Thor's hammer, but I need to look at what we have to work out the design.

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