Friday, February 17, 2006

It's freaking freezing out there

It's been an exciting end of the week. Living in the Rocky Mountain region we got hit with the beginning of the big storm that barrelled across the US this week. Lots of snow the first couple of days and now we've settled into below zero temperatures which is only made worse with the wind. Checking just now it looks like we are currently at -16F with a wind chill taking it down to -35F. It's so cold the dog, who is a Husky/Shepard cross and loves being outside in most weather, doesn't want to stay outside any longer than she has to. I got to spend the first day doing all of the usual sudden cold snap preparations, getting extra blankets on the bed, locating heavier gloves and coats and so on. I wore long underwear under my work clothes the last two days plus two pairs of socks and my hiking boots. (I'm so grateful that they are really laid back about things like that at work. It would've been miserable having to wear anything else.) I have got to remember to have one of those two pairs of socks wool. I didn't do that today and my feet are still cold. It looks like it will be just as cold tomorrow and then warm up a bit on Sunday. I'm looking forward to having temperatures over zero.

This all reminded me again about some of the winter weather clothes I have meaning to get so I also ended up shopping. I got a new pair of long underwear pants, from Wintersilks, on the recommendation of a co-worker. According to her the black ones work well under skirts so I'm going to give them a try. I'm also getting a new winter hat after trying to wear a stocking cap and having it slide up leaving me looking like a conehead and with frozen ears. I'm starting to think that I need to get at least one pair of heavy wool socks too. I also realized that when we replace the small truck I drive I'd really like to get something with 4 wheel drive. The truck is rear wheel drive and tends to fishtail when it's slick so something more stable would be good. I'm really thinking that a Subaru of some type would be nice because I don't need a huge SUV or anything, I just want something that will be a bit more stable in these conditions.

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