Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ending on a sobering note

So far the new desk has been great, although I've noticed that the way it is set up means I have a tendency to slouch forward and rest my elbows on the desk while I'm reading stuff and it's killing my back. At this point it is a self correcting thing, I can only do it so long before my mid back starts to feel like someone is running an ice pick through it which reminds me to sit correctly. The desk is also popular with the cats, but I think that is because we didn't get the rest of the living room rearranged. Hopefully that will get finished this coming weekend.

I finally broke down and got an appointment set up with the eye doctor. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but Dr. M, my rheumatologist, said I need to because of the plaquenil that I am taking for the RA (or whatever it is). It's one of the milder drugs out there for RA but it's major side effect is "visual disturbances such as blurred vision, misty vision, and difficulty focusing" so I get to go get my eyes checked every year now. It's one of the more sobering things about RA or the possibility of it, all of the medications used to treat it have serious side effects. Another thing you have to be aware of is that the second line drugs for it, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), were all originally used for something else and they found that they were effective against RA. (For example, plaquenil was originally used to treat malaria, and methotrexate is a chemotherapy drug.) It's a bit jarring when you go to look them up so you have more information. The most sobering thing of course is that there is no cure, there are just newer drugs that will slow the disease down. I know I'm in a much better position than the other people in my family that have had RA, but I can't help looking down at my hands and seeing my Grandmother's hands with the typical twist to the finger and the swollen knuckles there. It scares me. I look every day to see if it's starting. There are times I think the only thing that keeps me from loosing my mind is the pain. Well that and the Zoloft.

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Bill D said...

About your RA, hopefully there will be a cure within your lifetime. But, medication will have to do for now, I guess. Hope that nothing happens to your vision.

Also, I see that your cats have approved the desk.
And, I guess that you'll just have to mind yourself while sitting at the desk.