Saturday, February 18, 2006

At least I bought a ticket.

I went in on a group purchase of Powerball tickets at work yesterday, so I'm anxiously waiting for the lottery website to show the results of the drawing today. I don't expect for us to win, but it would be nice. (The title for today is a reference to a joke where a man is railing at God for not causing him to win the lottrey. God finally response by saying 'Meet me halfway, buy a ticket!' )

Weather was a bit warmer today thankfully, and it looks to warm up more over the next few days. I'm still looking at getting more cold weather clothes just to be on the safe side. I'm currently on the hunt for warm socks since one of my biggest problems is my feet getting cold. The Vermont Country store seems to have the best selection so far and in colors that will work with my work shoes. I'm still going to look around a bit more before I decide to get some just to be sure I've found the best ones.

I got the main piece of the book satchel rough cut out today but I had some problems with getting the sides straight so I'm going to wait until E's home tomorrow to get that taken care of. I did take one of the pieces I trimmed off tonight and tested the iron oxide dye on it. It looks like it will work well. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for the side gussets. I know I should follow the way it was done in the ones I'm trying to copy, but the type of gussets I usually do would be so much easier.

It looks like the Powerball numbers are out now so I will wander off to check my copies of the tickets we got. Hopefully my chaos field doesn't kick in.

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