Sunday, January 22, 2006


For once in my life I actually care about a football game. E has said that if the Broncos win the game today and go to the Superbowl he's hosting the Superbowl party again. The problem is that the Superbowl is the day after the event I said I'd teach at, and if we are having the party then E is going to need to stay home and get the house ready. That means I have to find a ride to the event since it's hard for me to drive long distances by myself any more. If I don't I have to back out of teaching. So, here I sit, caring intensely about the outcome of a football game.


They didn't win. I do feel bad for E because he was disappointed about it. He wasn't as upset about the loss as he has in the past which is a good thing. The problem now is that no one else seems really enthusiastic about going to the event. There are times I feel like I just can't win.

(I really can't win apparently. I asked E about it when he called to let me know they were staying a bit later at bowling. He said he really didn't want to go and if he did he'd be bored. I made the plan to do this because he was supportive and it seemed like he'd go with me. Now I'm stuck making him go when he'll be bored, trying to find another ride or backing out. I'm no better off than I was this morning.)

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