Saturday, January 28, 2006

They're heeree. . .

The birds have arrived and it has been interesting so far. They were a bit wound up so they are getting quiet time right now. There have been two escapes so far which included cats racing in to investigate. Luckily I was close by for the first one and E was close for the second so all is well so far. I'll probably add to this post a bit later in day once everyone has mellowed out a bit.


It's been interesting. The birds, Citrus and Tina (short for Argentina) are pretty quiet, really not much louder than the rats. Citrus is settling in much better than Tina and we had another escape incident when A tried to put them back in the cage. Citrus went to climb on A's finger, Tina squawked and lunged startling Citrus. Both birds bailed off the play stand. A caught Tina pretty easily, but when E tried to catch Citrus he only managed to give her more lift so she flew into the living room and landed on the floor. I was able to get her but she gave me a good nip in the process. Thankfully the dog was out and I was able to warn the cats off. I think this really is going to be a huge undertaking and I'm really worried about one fo the birds getting hurt.

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