Monday, January 23, 2006

Shifting. . .

I found out today that they are going to be shifting employer accounts around and by the time I go in tomorrow they should all be shifted. I'm losing one of my larger employers one which has been a huge pain in the ass because of their internal proceedures for reporting injuries. Just about the time I think I get through on how to do things here, then their HR person changes at one of the stores and I'm back where I started with injuries being reported late or not at all. I probably should feel bad about it going to torment someone else, but I'm tired of fighting with it.

Otherwise not much else is going on. I have another ride down to the event, but I haven't really talked with E to see if I need it. We sorta worked things out but didn't get down to the brass tacks. I guess I should ask sometime soon. Of course I also need to work on the handout for the class too. I do have a commission for another bracelet for someone at work, to be given as a gift to another person at work. Luckily I have until April to get it done, but it's a something small that will be easy to make. (I really need to work on more stock for the store too, but that isn't as pressing yet.)

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