Friday, January 20, 2006

Mark of the breast?

I don't have much to say tonight. Actually I have a couple bits of rambling that are knocking around in my brain but I can't catch them and get them written out so it won't be a real heavy duty entry for tonight.

It was a short but crazy week at work. They are looking at restructuring things and shifting cases around. It means I may end up losing some of my strung out cases, which isn't a bad thing, although it means someone else will end up with some weird things I let go a bit too long. I won't lose my worst case, but that's OK, I rather like being a thorn in their side. (Taking pleasure in the wrong aspect of my job I suppose, but for as much grief as they've given me it seems a bit like taking something back for myself.) One of the problems they've run into is that I would lose nearly a third of my case load if they restructure the way they originally planned to, so it's still a bit up in the air.

Still haven't come up with any ideas for the decoration for the book satchel so I think I'm going to have to decide the size and then see what I can find in my books. Luckily I have until the first of April which helps a bit, but I'll still need to get my documentation written up. I'm hoping to get the majority of the pieces for the back side of the quilt cut out this weekend so I can start sewing. I think the sewing will be much easier on me and my joints than the cutting has been. The only other plan for the weekend is to get another cabinet for the kitchen so we can clean up some of the clutter. E has also talked about rearranging the living room and I'd like to get started on that too, but I think that's because part of the plan is to get me a corner computer desk which will give me more space.

Gods, just misread 'mark of the beast' as 'mark of the breast' and was trying to figure out exactly how that worked. I think that's a sign I better give up and go to bed. I'll try to post something more coherent tomorrow.

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