Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good to know

I had some dental work done today and found out that the nerves on the right side of my face don't run in the normal area, while the nerves on the left side of my face do. It started with the dental assistant checking and noticing that I wasn't number on the outside edge of my jaw. The dentist came over and gave me a bit more Novocaine and then did some other work in another area. It seemed like that shot worked, so he got to work on drilling. Unfortunately it hadn't, and I suddenly felt a sharp zinging feeling that shot down into my jaw. It wasn't horribly painful, it was like biting on tin foil when you have metal fillings, but I jumped a bit and said 'Ow'. (Actually I said something that sounded more like 'Ouwgh' since I had all of the dental paraphanalia in my mouth.) Thankfully my dentist is very good and he stopped immediate when I reacted, gave me more Novocaine, let it sit and then started again only to discover I still wasn't entirely numb. We replayed this scenario a final time, with him giving me a shot of the strongest level of Novocaine they had. After that took effect I went down to a mild zingy feeling once in a while and I wasn't going to make him stop for that. After it was all done and I got home I realized that I was a bit numb down into my throat which was very strange. Even stranger was the fact that all that Novocain wore off pretty quickly. Not as quickly as it did last month when I got fillings done on the other side, but it was still pretty fast. My teeth are really sensitive right now, though. I'm hoping my bedtime regimen of anti-inflammatories helps with that.

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