Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The first step is a doozy

I tried to work out the details on the medival Irish book satchel reproduction tonight and I've run into a couple of road blocks. The first was the realization that I'm not really sure what design to tool onto it. The next was that I'm not sure how many logical leaps I'm going to take on it. I have three examples, which gives me three different sizes, three different tooled designs, and three different methods of construction, so I already have some leeway, but I need to decide how much I'm going to push it. Is it logical to assume that there would have been satchels with no decoration? The three existant examples were sewn so that the raw edges of the leather are turned inside the bag, could they have been sewn so the raw edges are out? And so on, until I have my brain all wrapped up in these sort of questions and details. After a while like that it will all unwrap and unravel and I'll end up with a plan. The only problem is that I never know when it will unwind and reform so I have to plan ahead on large projects especially if it's the first time I'm trying to make a particular thing. Is this the way the creative process works for other people? I always end up feeling like I shove my brain full of stuff, spin it around and see what comes flying out then run with it. It's not a very elegant method and I feel sure that other people have to have a more elegant way of doing it.

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