Friday, September 10, 2010

Farewell sw. . .well. . .somewhat grumpy cat

I have a bit of sad news, we lost Scooter on August 22. As I had written back in June he was doing well, the left eye was healing well and things were good. Then he started to have some more problems, in particular with his right eye in July and the sinus infection seemed worse. We got him in to the vet and tried to deal with both problems. Then the right eye got much worse and when he was in for that they discovered the sinus infection had gone systemic. He was a tough little cat, but I think it was too much for him to beat.

He was a grump, a pest and begged for food more than any of the dogs we've had. I will remember him the most for the many unique ways he came up with to get my attention (which included pulling the lamp off the nightstand) and the fact that there was very little he wouldn't eat. The latter was the funniest to me, when I picked him up as a kitten the breeder told me that he had a delicate stomach and needed to eat only a specific type of food. In the first few months we had him E and I were sitting on the couch and E was eating Salsa Verde Doritos. He dropped one on the floors and as he was reaching for it we saw a little black paw come out from under the coffee table to snag it. We heard a lot of crunching and the next thing we knew there was Scooter looking for another chip. At that point we knew that he did not have a delicate stomach, in fact he would eat a lot of things the dogs wouldn't even consider and never had a problem. A plate sitting on the coffee table was fair game and I have fond memories of looking over and just seeing the top of his head and ears sticking up behind E's plate. I'm pretty sure that he was one of a kind, and really that's probably for the best.

Rest in peace little man and I hope they have an easy access, all you can eat buffet in the afterlife for you. I expect if they do you'll run into Fels there too.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Quiet Saturday night with Zombie Cat

So I was just sitting here having some leftover pizza, surfing the web and being pestered by a Persian who wanted my food and realized I hadn't posted here for a very, very long time. No real excuse, just haven't managed to do it. At least over the last month and a half I can say I've been dealing with another round of weird health problems for Scooter.

Scooter's left cornea got torn around the end of April which has lead to a weird roller coaster for us. We're not positive how it happened, but it seemed to be related to Scooter's continuing problems with upper respiratory infections. He had a pretty serious one going on complete with really crusty nose and eyes. I had been trying to keep his nose clean and get the worst gunk out of his eyes because it seemed to be bothering him and noticed his left eye was an odd color. I made an appointment with the vet the next , but the Saturday night before then the cornea tore which lead to me panicking for a bit, an emergency visit to the vet and a surgery to try to repair the cornea. Picking him up a few days later was a bit of a shock, he was in a cone, his left eye was sewn shut, both of which I had expected, and there was a white button sewn over the left eye. The button was totally unexpected and made Scooter look like a character out of Tim Burton movie. The reason for it makes sense, the vet does it to have a solid anchor for the stitches, it makes the stitches easier to see when they go to take them out and it protects the eye. It just looked really, really weird. They had also dematted him while he was under so on top of the rest of it he had bald patches. Scooter also got a shot of antibiotics and more antibiotics to take here at home. It was a rough two weeks for all of us, the other cats were pretty sure he was an alien, he was having a hard time getting used to navigating with one eye and the cone and I felt horrible because I was sure I had done something to damage the cornea. Scooter picked up two new nicknames at this point Cyclops (from E) and Conehead (from me).

Two weeks later I took him in so Dd. D could see how it was doing and we found out that the repair didn't hold. This left E and I with a hard decision, the choices were a conjunctival graft (grafting a piece of tissue lining his eye socket onto the cornea) or to remove the eye. After some discussion we decided to go with the conjunctival graft and leave the removal as a last resort. So Scooter went in for the graft and two more weeks in the cone, with a button on his eye and more antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection. By this point he had adapted to the cone and having one eye so he was able to function pretty well and rapidly got back to his old self. Two weeks later I took him in for a follow-up and the graft had taken and looked good, so Scooter was out of the cone and the button was off. There was shock this time too, the graft looked like a thick grey film over the eye. Despite how it looked Dr. D said Scooter could see out of that eye, he just had a blind spot where the graft is. It was all great news, except for the fact the way it looked combined with the patchy fur made Scooter look like a zombie. I started calling him Zombie cat sometime in the first couple of days after he came over and reached up begging for food.

I took him in for his 4 week recheck this last Wednesday and the vet is thrilled with how Scooter is doing, the graft looks good and is already thinning out on the edges. We're waiting another couple of weeks to let it heal more and then we'll start with some steroid eye drops to thin the graft out. The last round of antibiotics has helped the upper respiratory infection, I have another couple weeks of weeks to give him and hopefully that will be it. If not Dr. D said he has some other options for treating it.

It has been an awful experience but I've learned that our new vet and his office are fantastic. I'm really glad we switched to them when our old vet retired and sold his practice. I was also reminded of a few thing. The first is that Scooter is one tough and adaptable little cat. Despite the fact that he is coming up on 13 years old, he made it through all of this with very few problems. The second one is that E and I are capable of coming up with really odd nicknames for our pets.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm ready for my close up. . .

We are in the midst of a large winter storm and I am stuck at home because I can't get out of the driveway. (Well, to be honest I can get out of the driveway, the road is too slick for my poor little rear-wheel drive truck to get any purchase on so I sat there and spun my wheels. I had to get help from the people across the street to get back in the driveway so I wasn't in anyone's way.) I took this opportunity to get some product pictures taken and do some housework. I was also lucky enough to get this fantasic picture of Toffee while she was sitting on the table looking out the window.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well that was quick

The firstbig snow hit Friday night and Saturday and we ended up with around 6 to 7 inches. It's supposed to warm up again next week, but I'm thinking this may be a sign of how the winter is going to be. I'm kinda torn, on one hand I hate dealing with this kind of weather (especially driving in it) but at the same time we're just starting to come out of a drought so we really need this kind of moisture.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday night kitty picture

Some people go out and party on Friday nights, me I stay home and surf the net or play games. Oh and as of tonight post cat pictures on my blog. This Whiskey trying to help with product pictures again.

And yes I do have a lot of pictures of her mainly because she stays in one place and let me click away. The other cats are much harder to photograph, Cami and Rogue are too curious about the camera, Damian and Storm are a bit too jumpy, and Toffee moves around too much. The two worst ones though are Cleo and Scooter. Cleo insists on yelling at you if the camera out, even if you are using it for something else. I have to do my best paparazzi imitation and use the camera on my phone to even hope to catch her, and even then I get one chance. Scooter is just hard to take pictures of, if you aren't careful and get reflection from his eyes you get a picture of a demonic pile of black fur with ears.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random thoughts from the last two weeks

-Toffee has settled in really well, even Storm the grumpy cat gets along with her. No mutual bathing yet.

- No one in the house, human or feline, was quite prepared to have a kitten around. She is a little bundle of energy and speands a good chunk of her waking hours, racing around the house, playing with toys (rabbit fur mice are her favorite) and attacking anything that walks by. Thankfully the older cats have all taken it in stride and will even play with her.

- I'm doing more canning this year and it has left me in awe of what Grandma did. She used to can two types of pickles, relish, beans, peas, corn, whole tomatoes, tomato juice, pears, peaches, apricots, and several types of jelly and jam. I can't even imagine doing that much and she did it every year.

- When they say to pack the jars when canning tom atoes, they mean to really pack the jars.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

New member of the family

(Please excuse the blurriness, she doesn't stay still for long so it's hard to get a good picture.)

Her name is Toffee, she's around 6 months old, very curious, completely fearless and quite a character. She's been with us about 2 weeks now and so far she's settled in pretty well with the other cats.

I think this means that I'm definitely a crazy cat lady now.